Andy's Thoughts - February 28
Bishop's vs. Central
Special Guest Columnist: Jennifer Graham

* It wasn't 5:30 here, so what was I watching?

* What was with that celeberty guest?? Was he real? Was that accent real?

* Week 4 CBC must be deseperate for catigories. Camels?

* I have "that guy" wrote down.. maybe someone can tell me what my own notes mean?

* CBC should have a huge warning sticker on the chalk boards or something about how easy it is to get them upside down!

* I thought it was something else that two *very* different looking teams matched so closely. Feel free to argue me on this point (Do I really need to make an invation for that on this forum?)

* I'm sorry, I have to mention this, and this is no offence to anyone. But I started yelling at the screen for index :) I relise how much easyer it is for me to hear the question and understand it, but still.

Anyway. over all I thought it was a great game! Energy levels were pretty good, and both teams didn't clam up. Great job!