Andy's Thoughts - March 13
Three Hills vs. Bishop's

I don't usually post thoughts out of order, but here goes:

* Three Hills put on a clinic today on consistent play. Bishop's may have controlled the first round and a half as well as the Lightning Round, but Three Hills played very consistant Ask the entire way through the game, and won because of it.

* Why more teams do not bet more in DED is beyond me, but Three Hills' wager of 100 was definitely a turning point in the game, clawing back 80% of their defecit in one swoop. Nice work!

* Sarah is the queen of the Dirty Half Dozen; her extraordinary play in this round has been the difference in both of Three Hills' first two matches.

* Kudos to Mio and Nobu for staying out if the way and letting the teams go at it in the Lightning Round - you can certainly get a LOT of questions in in 90 seconds if you go quickly...nice work you two!

* Bishop's played the LR with a sense of urgency, which is really really good - it certainly made for a very tense and exciting finish!

* It didn't seem like it at first, but Sarah quietly racked up points throughout the game, and by the time we were all said and done, she'd posted the 13th-best single-game score of the season - great job Sarah, be proud of yourself! 1