Episode 32: February 26, 2004 - Aden Bowman 1,150 Alexander Galt 870

I hate it when balanced teams fall like Alexander Galt did today. Each member contributed almost equally to the Alexander Galt cause.

Oh well, they were more than game opposition, and Aden Bowman played really well. Both halves of me like it when a team's only unforced errors come in spelling. Muahaha. Mind you, it means a team needs to take more chances in the early rounds. The 50 round was rather ugly and St. Paul's will eat Bowman's lunch unless Bowman takes chances in the early rounds.

The turning point of this game was definitely at the Brain pod. Alex knew his geography while Anna got a case of the blanksies. Same name bad karma from the Trivia Gods, anyone?

Other than Smartere this game was INCREDIBLY even - Take the difference from Smarterer and your difference is a 100 pointer vs a 20 pointer. Pretty even if you ask me.

Additionally, both squads were getting answers that I was shaking my head about. Nice work!